F-200-1 Flat Cars

A roster of the F-200-1 class flat cars is provided as follows:

	SP 44091-44094  	(re#'d SP 500600-500603)

These heavy-duty flat cars were built by Mt. Vernon Car Co. (spec. CSA-339-A; order no. P-3018) 11/1941. They featured two, four-wheel Buckeye trucks connected via a span bolster on each end for a total of sixteen wheels. They also featured flat (no depressed section,) cast steel frames from General Steel Castings, two brake wheels and poling pockets.

Photo from: Mt. Vernon Catalog (courtesy Ted Culotta)

SP 44093

Mt. Vernon builder's photo

Courtesy Ted Culotta

SP 500600

Mike Palmieri

New Orleans, LA   10/31/1976

SP 500602

Mike Palmieri

New Orleans, LA   12/08/1974

SP 500603

Mike Palmieri

New Orleans, LA   12/08/1977

SP 500604

Thomas Blumberg

Los Angeles, CA   9/1980

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