Flat Cars

Photo by: Patrick Harris

The SP had many different types of flat cars for general or very specific uses. Here is a listing of the classes of cars owned by the SP.

SP Freight Cars - Vol. III     Auto Box Cars and Flat Cars.

Flat Cars grouped by similar car types.

Flat cars grouped by road number.

40 Ton Flat Cars:

F-40-1 F-40-2    
  F-40-6 F-40-7 F-40-8

50 Ton Flat Cars:

F-50-1 F-50-2 F-50-3 F-50-4
F-50-5 F-50-6 F-50-7 F-50-8
F-50-9 F-50-10 F-50-11 F-50-12
F-50-13 F-50-14 F-50-15 F-50-16        
F-50-17 F-50-18 F-50-19  


70 Ton Flat Cars:

F-70-1 F-70-2 F-70-3 F-70-4        
F-70-5         F-70-6         F-70-7         F-70-8
F-70-9 F-70-10         F-70-11 F-70-12        
F-70-13 F-70-14 F-70-15 F-70-16
F-70-17 F-70-18 F-70-19 F-70-20        
F-70-21         F-70-22 F-70-23         F-70-24
F-70-25         F-70-26         F-70-27 F-70-28        
F-70-29         F-70-30         F-70-31         F-70-32
F-70-33 F-70-34 F-70-35 F-70-36
F-70-37 F-70-38 F-70-39 F-70-40
F-70-41         F-70-42 F-70-43         F-70-44
F-70-45 F-70-46         F-70-47         F-70-48
F-70-49         F-70-50         F-70-51         F-70-52        
F-70-53         F-70-54 F-70-55         F-70-56        
F-70-57         F-70-58A         F-70-59         F-70-60
F-70-61         F-70-62A         F-70-63A         F-70-64
F-70-65 F-70-65A         F-70-66 F-70-67
F-70-68         F-70-68A         F-70-69         F-70-70
F-70-71 F-70-72 F-70-73         F-70-74        
F-70-75 F-70-76 F-70-77         F-70-78
F-70-79         F-70-80         F-70-81         F-70-82        
F-70-83         F-70-84         F-70-85         F-70-86        
F-70-87             F-70-90
F-70-91         F-70-92G         F-70-93G         F-70-94        


100 Ton Flat Cars:

F-100-1         F-100-2         F-100-3 F-100-4
F-100-5         F-100-6         F-100-7         F-100-8        
F-100-9         F-100-10 F-100-11         F-100-12
F-100-13         F-100-14         F-100-15 F-100-16        
F-100-17         F-100-18         F-100-19 F-100-20        


125 Ton Flat Cars:

F-125-1 F-125-2 F-125-3          


140 Ton Flat Cars:

F-140-1 F-140-2 F-140-3          


200 & 300 Ton Flat Cars:

F-200-1         F-200-2         F-200-3         F-300-1        


350 Ton Flat Car:



Intermodal Flat Cars:

F-70-81         FC-195-1         FC-270-1          
FC-320-1         FC-320-2         FC-320-3         FC-320-4        
FCA-125-1 FCA-250-1    
    Not Classed Flats Second Hand Flats


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