F-70-84 Flat Cars

A roster of the F-70-84 class flat cars is provided as follows:

	SP 518000-518199

These cars were built in 5-6/1979 by Bethlehem Steel Corp. (lot 3400-498) and featured 89'-4" loading platforms. They were originally equipped with enclosed Portec/Paragon bi-level auto racks with mesh doors. They were later rebuilt radial clamshell doors.

Two notable graduates of this class are SP 518101 and 518160 which became RBBX 84711 & 84712 respectively for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train in 1992-93.

In 1993-94 a group of 117 of these cars (and possibly some ex SSW cars) became TTGX 983490-983607. They were reracked and assigned to TTX class BSH13. They were equipped with racks from a variety of roads. It appears that they may have had GTTX reporting marks for a while prior to TTGX.


Photo by: Patrick Harris



SP 518000

Scott Borden

New Albany, IN; 09/20/2004

SP 518047

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA; 08/1998

SP 518099

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 02/27/1996

SP 518105

Patrick Harris

Cartersville, GA; 11/14/2014

SP 518119

Patrick Harris

Cartersville, GA; 10/19/2017

SP 518119

Patrick Harris

Cartersville, GA; 10/19/2017

SP 518160

Nick Molo




TTGX 983598

Patrick Harris

Rockmart, GA; 04/26/2019


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