F-70-7 Flat Cars

A roster of the F-70-7 class flat cars is provided as follows:

       SP 140500-142549		re #'d SP 560824-562854
				re #'d SP 563865-563873
				re #'d SP 563876

				re #'d SP 595000-595341 (as coil steel flats)

				re #'d SP 599000-599015 (as auto parts flats)

				re #'d SP 505121-505199 (as anode flats)

				re #'d SP 506285-506513 (as wallboard flats w/ F-70-6's)
				re #'d SP 506563-506635 (as wallboard flats w/ F-70-6's)

				re #'d SP 598051-598052 (as calcium carbide flats)

				re #'d SP 570000-570xxx (possilby with other classes mixed)

				re #'d SP 598xxx-598xxx (Tote Bins and Flo Bins)

       T&NO 24750-24766        (leased from Pacific Lines in  mid 50's for TOFC)
       T&NO 25350-25364        (leased from Pacific Lines in late 50's for TOFC)


These cars were built in 1949-50 by American Car & Foundry. They featured a 53'-6" loading platform and were rivited in construction. Many of these cars were converted to specialized service such as Flo-bin, Tote-bin and Coil Steel. All of the cars were originally Pacific Lines cars with the T&NO cars being leased as above. These cars were a very important part of the SP freight car roster through the 80's. Many were placed into SPMW service as crane boom tenders, wheel flats, carrying Burro cranes and as part of welded rail trains.

Red Caboose has produced an HO scale version of this very important piece of SP rolling stock. This car (decorated as a T&NO F-70-6) was offered as the convention car for the SPH&TS convention in Austin, TX in October of 2002.

Special thanks to Bill Kelly, Tony Thompson and Tim O'Connor for much of the above info.


A shrink table has been setup to track these cars (along with the F-70-6 cars) throughout their service lives. It does not include cars transferred to SPMW service.


Photo by: Bob Dengler



SP 142549

AC&F Builder's Photo


SP 560877

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 03/1981

SP 561501

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 09/1974

SP 561622

Peter Vincent

Blue Island, IL; 10/1979

SP 561840

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 03/28/1977

SP 562681

Tom Cobb

Deer Park, TX; 03/1972


Here is an informative reply on the Yahoo STMFC discussion list (msg # 108684) regarding the differences and similarities between the F-70-6, -7 and a group of very similar C&EI flatcars by Ed Hawkins:

I have checked the ACF drawing list. Numerous drawings apply to both SP/T&NO
F-70-6, lot 3246, 500 cars built ca. 10-48, and C&EI lot 3292, 25 cars built
12-48. These common drawings apply to the center and side sills, ends, and most
of the steel details for the underframe. However, there were different general
arrangement and brake arrangement drawings for these two lot numbers, so
something was different. It could have been something relatively minor like a
different type of hand brake, or it's possible there was a difference in the
floor layout.

Incidentally, there were two drawings with apparent variations in the stake
pocket arrangement. One drawing applied to 130 cars in lot 3246, while another
drawing applied to 370 cars in lot 3246 and the 25 C&EI cars in lot 3292. It
would take a review of the respective drawings to determine all the differences
as well as the variation of stake pockets for these 1948-built cars.

The car numbers for these two lots were SP 80255-80654 (400 cars), T&NO
24550-24649 (100 cars), and C&EI 42000-42024.

While the SP F-70-7 cars (SP 140500-142549, 2,050 cars, lot 3373, built 1950)
look much the same to me as the F-70-6 cars, a completely different set of ACF
drawings was used on this later series. Thus, the F-70-6 and F-70-7 weren't
identical cars.
Ed Hawkins


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