Welcome to the Lisa Park (1975-1979) Gifted & Talented page:

6th Grade Class Photo

We were the Gifted and Talented class that passed through Lisa Park Elementry School from the fall of 1975 to the spring of 1979. We were selected from schools throughout Terrebonne Parish to participate in this pilot program. This is a place to rekindle some of those old memories and keep in touch with our fellow class mates. After finishing the 7th grade, we went our separate ways. Many of us would go to high school and college with one another and keep in touch. Others, we would not see again after finishing out the 1978-79 school year.

1975-76 school year: 4th Grade Mrs. Pellegrin

1976-77 school year: 5th Grade Mrs. Smart

1977-78 school year: 6th Grade Mrs. Theriot

1978-79 school year: 7th Grade Mrs. Martin (English); Mrs. Zeringue (science); Mrs. Crouch? (English) mid year sub?; Mrs. Melancon (history)

Class Mates:

Autry, Laurie

Brashier, Melinda "Tootie"

Duplantis, Karen

Guidry, Karen

Drobish, Kia

Yang, Lynda

Woodard, Beth

Lockbalm, Paula

Naquin, Lynelle

Hebert, Elizabeth

Bazet, Amy

Brasher, Shari

Campo, Stephanie

Forstall, Michelle




Bedell, Jack

Domangue, Brett

Gainiea, Kelly

Freeman, Tracy

Harris, Chris

Cooper, Casey

Curole, Richard

Gibson, Andy

Gautreaux, Lee

Stegall, Steven

Saunders, Brent

Richard, Thomas "Tinker"

Lecompte, Denny

????, Barry?



Class Photos:

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade


If you know of any other class mates that I have left off or have info you would like to contribute, please contact me here.