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Welcome to the SSW Freight Cars Page. This page has been a long time coming. When I originally laid out the organization of my web page, I lumped all SSW freight cars in with the SP freight cars. However, prior to the early 1960's, all SSW freight car matters were handled out of Pine Bluff. Therefore, the study of those cars is quite another matter and deserves its own pages. After the early 1960's, all freight car decisions system wide were consolodated in San Francisco. Also, all new SSW cars were blended into the existing SP classification system and the purchasing practices relfected those of the parent SP. Also very improtant to note is that the subsidiary identity and therefore the SSW reporting marks would remain alive and seperate. The identity of the T&NO was not so lucky and would be blended into that of the SP Pacific Lines. Another important reason for the existance of these pages is that many folks just plain like the Cotton Belt and have expressed a desire to capture the freight cars of this line in one place. As always, contributions, corrections, updates or just plain comments are very welcome.

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