SA&AP Freight Cars by Number

The San Antonio & Aransas Pass railroad was a unique part of what became the Southern Pacific. It was an independant railroad chartered to connect San Antonio with a closer Gulf port than Galveston, which was accessed via the GH&SA. The SP purchased the SA&AP, but was forced to divest itself of the railroad by the Texas Railroad Commission. The SP, however, sold the railroad to interests such that it retained control from afar until it was finally allowed to purchase the line fully in 1925. At this point, the line was.....

SA&AP 442-456


Tank Car; AC&F 1909; re #'d to T&NO 17050-17064

SA&AP 457-481


Tank Car; AC&F 1912; re #'d to T&NO 17065-17088

SA&AP 1301-1500


Stock Car; AC&F 1909; re #'d to T&NO 14810-14968

SA&AP 3000-3145


Ventilated Box Car; Pullman 1897

SA&AP 3146-3245


Ventilated Box Car; AC&F 1900

SA&AP 4001-4050

CS-18 (resemble)

Refrigerator Car; AC&F 1903

SA&AP 7001-7500


Ventilated Box Car; AC&F 1909

SA&AP 7501-8500


Ventilated Box Car; AC&F 1913

SA&AP 20001-20025


Box Car; to T&NO 39960-39984


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