R-70-16 Reefers

A roster of the R-70-16 class reefers is provided as follows:

	PFE 453501-454500  	(to SPFE)
	PFE 454501-454750  	(to UPFE)
	PFE 454751-455000  	(to UPFE)
	PFE 455001-455250  	(to UPFE)  
	PFE 455251-455500  	(to UPFE) 

These 50'-9" mechanical refrigerator cars were built by PC&F in 1966 and featured 4042/4022/4008 ft3 capacity and a 9'-0" door opening.


Photo by: Jim Eager



SPFE 453843

Jim Eager

Toronto, CAN; 1982

SPFE 453913

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 3/1981

SPFE 453971

Jim Eager

Buffalo, NY; 1982

SPFE 454413

Craig Walker

Guadalupe, CA; 05/14/1981

SPFE 454464

Jim Eager

Toronto, CAN; 1982



UPFE 455059

Peter Vincent



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