R-70-14 Reefers

A roster of the R-70-14 class reefers is provided as follows:

	PFE 451001-451500	(later transferred to SPFE; re #'d to SPFE 351001-351179 1982-84)  
	PFE 451501-452000  	(later transferred to UPFE)

These 50'-9" mechanical refrigerator cars were all built to the same basic design by PC&F in 1964 and featured 4022 ft3 capacity and a 9'-0" door opening. A group of cars had their load dividers removed in 1982-84 and were renumbered as above.

Photo by: Jim Eager

SPFE 451093

Peter Vincent

Dolton, IL; 10/1979

SPFE 451427

Jim Eager

Toronto, CAN; 1984

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