R-40-27 Reefers

A roster of the R-40-27 class reefers is provided as follows:

	PFE 10001-11700		(re #'d to PFE 30001-31700; 1971)

These 40' steel refrigerator cars were built by SP Equipment Company in 1957 and featured XXXX ft3 capacity, diagonal panel rooves, bar+3/3 Improved Dreadnaught ends and 4' plug + 2' hinged doors. Five cars were rebuilt as mechanical refrigerators and renumbered PFE 101001-101005 in 1961. The mechanical equipment was subsequently removed in 1968 and they were re-renumbered PFE 34701-34705. A group of 98 cars was renumbered PFE 30001-31700 for TIV service in 1971.


Photo by: Ron Hawkins



PFE 10155

Ron Hawkins

East Los Angeles, CA; 01/22/1977

PFE 10290

Roy Platt


PFE 10418

Craig Walker

La Habra, CA; 01/1978

PFE 10867

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 6/1971

PFE 11385

Ron Hawkins

Ono, CA; 05/17/1980


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