H-100-31 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-100-31 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 490100-490499

These 2-bay Center Flow covered hopper cars were built by AC&F as CF2971 cars in 1975. They differed in both length and height from AC&F's previous CF2970 and successor CF2980 cars. There is some confusion due to the same cubic capacity of the previous cars. The CF2971 was only produced for SP and some other roads (C&EI, SL-SF, D&RGW, P&LE and MKT; and a number of private owners) in 1974-75. They are listed as 2970 ft3 cubic capacity in the ORER. They differ from the earlier and later cars as per the following:

These SP cars were used for perlite loading on the Magma Arizona Railroad (MAA reporting marks.) -Chris Butts.


	type	built		capy.	IL	EXH	side	arms		HO model	N model
	CF2970	1966-73		2970	34'-9"	15'-1"	NOTE 1	5'-4"		Athearn		????
	CF2971	1974-75		2970	37'-11"	14'-9"	NOTE 2	5'-11"		no model	????
	CF2980	1976-1982+	2980	34'-9"	15'-1"	NOTE 2	6'-6"		IM		????

     	NOTE 1:	 early type 1 smooth, canted side plate, plus angle iron side sheet stiffener
	NOTE 2:  later type 4 side plate with two pressed beads with no angle iron stiffener 

Photo by: Ron Hawkins



SP 490101

Lee A. Gautreaux

Lafayette, LA

SP 490133

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 1997

SP 490147

Ron Hawkins

Hiland, CA; 01/27/1990

SP 490150

Jerry Sires

Avondale, LA; 12/16/1988

SP 490156

Rob Sarberenyi

East Oakland, CA; 02/1998

SP 490192

Lee A. Gautreaux

Dayton, TX

SP 490194

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 02/1995

SP 490198

Jim Eager


SP 490200

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 09/05/1995

SP 490225

Rob Sarberenyi

East Oakland, CA; 02/1998

SP 490265

Henry O'Connor


SP 490268

Rob Sarberenyi

Stockton, CA; 07/23/2011

SP 490285

Jim Griffin

Hot Sulphur Springs, CO; 08/09/2007

SP 490292

Lee A. Gautreaux

Schriever, LA; 01/2003

SP 490300

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 01/13/1978

SP 490301

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA; 03/17/2004

SP 490318

Jim Eager


SP 490325

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA; 01/2002

SP 490327

Mike Palmieri

New Orleans, LA; 01/10/1977

SP 490334

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 03/22/1998

SP 490407

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA; 1/2002

SP 490407

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 05/31/1996

SP 490419

Terrence Ellison

Atlanta, GA; 05/24/2015

SP 490490

Patrick Harris

Tuscaloosa, AL; 05/17/2011

SP 490497

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 1997




AOK 490469

Jeff Kluke



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