H-100-13 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-100-13 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 404050-404074	1965
	SP 404075-404099	1965
	SSW 79775-79799		1966
	BKTY 1200-1228		1966

		Golden West numbers:	GVSR 513000-513061

These Airslide covered hopper cars were built by General American. All SP and Cotton Belt cars were painted grey with black lettering and featured 4180 ft3 capacity. The BKTY cars were leased by SP under the Commonwealth Plan. These cars were typically painted as per standard MK&T practice with the MK&T herald and SP class designations. Many of the SP and SSW cars were eventually repainted as Golden West Service cars in the GVSR 513xxx series.

Photo by: Chris Butts


SP 404053

Chris Butts

Roseville, CA   5/5/1991

SP 404077

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA   7/8/2006

SP 404077

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA   7/8/2006

SP 404097

Clyde King

Roseville, CA   6/1991



SSW 79775

Chris Butts

Roseville, CA   05/05/1991



BKTY 1220

Chris Butts

Colton, CA   10/2000

BKTY 1223

Peter Vincent

Bryn Mawr, IL   10/1979


Golden West Service - GVSR cars:

GVSR 513001

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA   03/14/2004

GVSR 513022

Jeff Guidry


GVSR 513026

Jeff Guidry


GVSR 513040

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA   09/05/1996

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