H-100-12 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-100-12 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 496000-496199
	SSW  79300-79399

	Golden West numbers:	KCS  512000-512019 (relettered to GVSR in 1991)
				CRLE 512020
				KCS  512021        (relettered to GVSR in 1991)
				CRLE 512022-512024
				KCS  512025        (relettered to GVSR in 1991)
				CRLE 512026-512031
				GVSR 512032-512047
				CRLE 512053-512293 (odd only)
				CRLE 512300-512304

		NOTE:  Cars were taken from a mix of rebuilt and unrebuilt cars.

These 3-bay Center-Flow (CF4460) covered hopper cars were built by American Car & Foundry in 1965. All cars were painted grey with large black lettering and featured three longitudinal trough hatches for loading and 4460 ft3 capacity. These were the only AC&F cars of 4460 ft3 capacity on the SP among a multitude of 4650 ft3 cars. Many of these cars were rebuilt and renumbered as H-100-12R's.


Photo by: Charles Lange



SP 496025

Brian Rutherford


SP 496071

Jim Parker

Goshen; 06/1968

SP 496074

SP Bulletin, 12/67


SP 496085

Brian Rutherford


SP 496085

Dave Krumenacker


SP 496086

Mike Palmieri

Lewisville, AR; 11/17/1977

SP 496153

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 12/1971


Golden West Service - GVSR:

GVSR 512019

Bob DeStefano

Nashville, TN; 07/03/2006


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