H-100-5 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-100-5 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 491000-491059
	SSW 79000-79039

These cars were built by AC&F in 1962. All were of 3960 ft3 capacity and featured aluminum bodies with yellow lettering, (5) 30" round roof hatches and (6) gravity-pneumatic unloading hatches. The outlets were two per internal compartment so these are actually 3-bay covered hoppers. Anyone having an in-service photo of one of these cars please let me know as they were rather camera shy.


Photo by: John Rodgers



SP 491006

SP Freight Car Specification Sheet #7


SP 491008

John Rodgers

Los Angeles, CA; 04/28/1985

SP 491020

John Rodgers

Aubrun, CA; 04/15/1985

SP 491054

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 09/14/1977


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