H-70-24 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-70-24 class is provided below:

	BKTY 1000-1029		3500 ft3	AC&F	1965	
	BKTY 1050-1053		2600 ft3	GATX	1966

These cars were part of the Commonwealth Plan which included cars marked BKTY and lettered with the MKT herald. SP freight car class designations were used. These cars were financed by the SP through its Banker's Leasing subsidiary and leased to the MKT via the Commonwealth plan for 15 years.

The assignment of SP car classes did not follow the typical conventions that SP used for its own cars. For instance, this class included two distinctly different types of cars, two bay 2600 ft3 Airslide hoppers and three bay 3500 ft3 cylindrical hoppers. One of the Airlside cars was observed in service in early 1999 in Freeport, Texas by myself (Sorry, no camera at the time!)

Photos of examples of each type of car within this class can be seen in the book Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment by Nicholas Molo.

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