H-70-23 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-70-23 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 403025-403049	built 1965
	SP 403080-403104	built 1966

These cars were Airslide hopper cars built by General American as above. They featured 2600 ft3 capacity and featured the angular end gussets typical of later built 2600 ft3 Airslides.


GATC Builder's - from the collection of Bill Kelly



SP 403025

Lee A. Gautreaux

Houston, TX; 03/26/1995

SP 403025

From the collection of Bill Kelly

GATC East Chicago, IL; 3/1965

SP 403033

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 10/1983

SP 403033

Clyde King

Roseville, CA; 2/1984

SP 403038

Chris Butts


SP 403042

Lee A. Gautreaux

Lafayette, LA

SP 403043

Richard Barnes



SP 403080

Brian Rutherford



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