H-70-18 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-70-18 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	SP 401350-401549

These 2-bay, PS-2 covered hopper cars were built by Pullman Standard (lot #8420) in 2-3/1958. All were covered hoppers of 2003 ft3 capacity and featured eight (8) 30" diameter round loading hatches and four (4) 13"x24" gravity unloading bays. They were primarily used in cement service.

photo by: Brian Rutherford

SP 401378

Tom Fassett

Phoenix, AZ; 04/15/1985

SP 401404

Clyde King

San Francisco, CA; 06/1974

SP 401460

Tom Fassett

Phoenix, AZ; 04/15/1985

SP 401472

Southern Pacific Photo

SP Freight Car Spec. Sheet #9

SP 401472

Jim Kinkaid Collection

PS builder's photo

SP 401485

Brian Rutherford

Black Butte, CA

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