H-70-12 Hopper Cars

A roster of the H-70-12 class hopper cars is provided as follows:

	T&NO 3675-3899	(re#'d SP 401825-402047)      

These 3-bay, PS-2 covered hopper cars were built by Pullman Standard (lot 8141) in 12/1953-1/1954. All were of 2893 ft3 capacity.


Thanks to Ed Hawkins for the following info from the STMFC (post #42893) Yahoo list:

"Based on my conversations with Athearn, it is my understanding that
they are producing the far more common 2893 c.f. PS-2 with the outboard
hatches nearly in line with the bolster center lines and the
intermediate sets of hatches 11'-9 3/4" from the car's center line.
Incidentally, there were four other groups of cars with the
intermediate hatches one foot further inboard than the more common
arrangement. These cars were built early in the production cycle: CB&Q
85000-85029, CIL 4401-4430, T&NO 3675-3899, and WAB 31000-31039 (all
built late 1953 to early 1954)."

"Walthers is producing the post April 1957 version of the car having hat
section side supports at the bolsters. I have submitted articles about
both groups of cars to Railmodel Journal for publication sometime this
fall when the models are supposed to be out."

Thanks Ed,


Photo by: Bob Dengler


SP (ex T&NO):

SP 401832

Tom Cobb

Ilmo, MO; 07/04/1983

SP 401866

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 07/04/1978

SP 401877

Tom Fassett

Phoenix, AZ; 04/15/1985

SP 401941

Richard Barnes


SP 401990

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 10/1983

SP 401990

Clyde King

Roseville, CA; 8/1983


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