F-70-50 Flat Cars

A roster of the F-70-50 class flat cars is provided as follows:

	SP 509325-509574	built 1968

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 450000-450035
				GVSR 450036-450068	(even only)

These cars were built by GBEC in 1968 and featured bulkheads with 57'-0" loading platforms. At lease some of these cars were rebuilt and repainted as Golden West Service cars. Once their leases had expired, many were eventually re-lettered back to their original SP numbers while retaining their blue GWS paint.


Photo by: Doug Wooton



SP 509357

Tom Fassett

Alamosa, CO; 05/23/2002

SP 509362

Jim Eager


SP 509406

Doug Wooton

Houston, TX; 02/18/2018

SP 509416

Jeff Guidry

Addis, LA; 05/25/2009

SP 509440

Rick Selby

Ontario, OR; 10/2011

SP 509476

Tom Fassett

Alamosa, CO; 05/23/2002

SP 509560

Jim Eager



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