SP Cabooses

With the release of Tony Thompson's Southern Pacific Freight Cars - Vol II: Cabooses, SP modelers now have a comprehensive resource for cabooses from the late 1800's to the end of cabooses in the 1990's.

SP Freight Cars - Vol. II     Cabooses.

Richard Percy's SP Caboose Page

Cabooses grouped by road number.

Photo by: Charles Lange

30 Ton Cabooses:

C-30-1 C-30-2 C-30-3 C-30-4        
C-30-5         C-30-6            

40 Ton Cabooses:

C-40-1         C-40-2 C-40-3         C-40-4        
C-40-5         C-40-6         C-40-7         C-40-8        

50 Ton Cabooses:

C-50-1 C-50-2         C-50-3         C-50-4        
C-50-5         C-50-6 C-50-7         C-50-8        
C-50-9         C-50-10            

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