ex Railbox Cars

A roster of the ex Railbox cars is provided as follows:

	SP 12894-13261		(ex RBOX 12894-13261 ACF 11/75-2/76 class XAF11)
	SP 16700-16917		(ex RBOX 16700-16917 BFF 1-4/76 class XWF10)
	SP 18806-19219		(ex RBOX 18806-19219 FMC 9/75-2/76 class XFF10)

These 50' box cars were originally built as RAILBOX cars for the Trailer Train corp. and later acquired second hand by the SP at some point around 1983. They evidently did not last long on the SP, as these are the only few photos I have been able to uncover of such a car. I have no evidence suggesting that any of these cars were re-painted into SP colors. A single car within this series is still listed in the July 2002 ORER.


Photo by: Brian Rutherford


SP 12973

Jeff Guidry


SP 13003

John Rodgers

Petaluma, CA; 03/1992

SP 13007

Brian Rutheford

SP Siskyou line; 11/1988

SP 13135

John Rodgers

Fort Worth, TX; 09/1989

SP 13136

Brian Ehni



SP 16881

John Rodgers

Petaluma, CA; 06/1992


SP 18879

John Rodgers

Marysville, CA; 03/1987

SP 19073

Doug Stark

London, ON, CAN; 1991 or 1992

SP 19088

Chris Butts

Walnut, CA; 01/27/1991

SP 19136

Brian Rutheford

on MRL; 10/1992


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