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Welcome to the Louisiana Midland Freight Cars Page. Here we will present a collection of images of freight cars of the Louisiana Midland Railroad. These images will be presented in numerical order of the road number. The railroad actually had two lives. The line itself from Vidalia, LA to Packton, LA started out as a branch of the Louisiana & Arkansas. It became an independant railraod in 1946 when H.H. Holloway, owner of a gravel pit at Rhinehart, LA along the line purchased the 76.7 mile line to protect the continued transport of gravel from his pit. This line operated as the Louisiana Midland (LM) until 1967 when absorbed by the IC along with the Mississippi Central RR. There were a very small number of cars operated by the LM during this time period with only 7 cars listed in the 1965 ORER. Whatever few cars still in use at the time of the merger were certainly either disposed of or hastily remarked with IC reporting marks. The line then operated as a branch of the IC (later ICG) until 1974 when it was resurrected as an independant railroad, this time with LOAM reporting marks. The LOAM acquired an intial group of cars upon startup, mostly if not all from the ICG. The line would get cut back substantially in the 1980's and was eventually shut down. It is not known what became of the cars marked LOAM at the time.


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