The Halliburton (HWCX) Freight Cars Page

Welcome to the Halliburton (HWCX) Freight Cars Page. Halliburton is a well established oil field service company providing cementing services for land and offshore based drilling operations. They have rostered a variety of railcars in which they have shipped dry, bulk cement and other dry components. They have had several varieties of two bay 70 ton covered hoppers in their colorful red, white and grey colors. They also have a fleet of hoppers featuring three vertical tanks to store cement. These are similar to the skid mounted units that are used to support offshore drilling operations commonly referred to as P-tanks. A subsidiary of Halliburton, IMCO (International Mud Co,) had a fleet of green and white covered hoppers also lettered with HWCX reporting marks. It is supposed that these cars were probably the former Halliburton cars. Some were eventually relettered with IMSX reporting marks. A two part article on building an HO model of the 3-tank hoppers, trucks and a transload facility appeared in the December 1983 and January 1984 issues of RMC magazine.




research car, passenger

HWCX 50-199


pneumatic railcars; 3 tanks

HWCX 193


60'-8" box car; PS (lot #9332A) 11/1968

HWCX 30463-30468


2003 ft3

HWCX 40800-40944


1958 ft3

HWCX 40945-40950


1970 ft3

HWCX 40951-40960


1958 ft3

HWCX 40961-40985


2003 ft3

HWCX 40986-40993


1958 ft3

HWCX 40994-41005


2003 ft3

HWCX 41006-41018


1958 ft3

HWCX 41019-41028


2003 ft3

HWCX 41029-41030


2006 ft3

HWCX 41031-41035


1958 ft3

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