The G&F (Georgia & Florida) Freight Cars Page

Welcome to the Georgia & Florida Freight Cars Page. Here we will present a collection of images of freight cars of the G&F railroad. These images will be presented in numerical order of the road number. The purpose is to present information helpful the freight car modeler or historian. Submissions are always welcome.


G&F Freight Cars by Number

G&F Freight Cars by Type

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G&F Rosters:

G&F 01-1913 G&F 07-1913 G&F 05-1917 G&F 11-1919 G&F 10-1926
G&F 12-1930 G&F 01-1940 G&F 07-1950 G&F 01-1959 G&F 04-1960
G&F 01-1965 G&F 10-1968 G&F 07-1970 G&F 10-1975 G&F 04-1982

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