DRGW 310000=340499

	DRGW 310000=310999 	(ex GONX 310000-310999; Thrall (job 762); 7/1980-3/1981)
	DRGW 320000=320499 	(ex GONX 320000-320499; BF&F (lot 45400); 9-12/1980)
	DRGW 330000=330499 	(ex GONX 330000-330499; Greenville Steel Car (order 1180); 11/1980-1/1981)
	DRGW 340000=340499 	(ex GONX 340000-340499; Bethlehem Steel Car; 12/1980-2/1981)

These 52'-6" gondolas were built by various builders (as above) as GONX cars around 1980 and featured 13 ribs, welded construction and 2494 ft3 capacity. They apparently retained their original numbers with the only modification being the restenciling of the new reporting marks to D&RGW (including the ampersand.) Some cars received hoods for coil steel loading and were repainted.

Photo by: Rob Sarberenyi


DRGW 320471

Jeff Guidry

Roseville, CA   3/4/2007

DRGW 330312

Jeff Guidry


DRGW 330312

Jeff Guidry


DRGW 330336

Rob Sarberenyi

Newark, CA; 02/07/2009

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