DRGW 65100-65199

	DRGW 65100-65199	

Photo by: David Olsen

DRGW 60294

David Olsen

Colorado Springs, CO   6/3/2006

DRGW 60294

Kent Charles

Winter Park, CO   3/2/1985

DRGW 60302

Kent Charles

Denver, CO   5/1983

These 40'-6" box cars were built by PSC 1939 and featured Duryea cushioned SUF, straight side-sill with door opening reinforcement, Dreadnaught 5/5 ends, Murphy raised panel roof, Apex running board, combination (9'+6') double doors with the 9' door featuring a unique spliced Youngstown door (giving the cars the illusion of having three doors) and 3961 ft3 capacity. They were inteded for automobile and grain serive. Many of these cars were rebuilt and renumbered as below in the 1950's-60's.

Jim Eager has provided the following details regarding the renumbering of these cars:

  60200-60209  rblt/re# -54     Evans DF loaders,                 9'-6.75" door opening

  60250-60295  rblt/re# -58     Evans DF2 loaders,                8'-0" door opening
  60296-60301  rblt/re# -60     Spartan Tri-Belt loaders,         8'-0" door opening
  60302-60324  rblt/re# -60=61  Spartan Easy loaders,             8'-0" door opening
  60325-60327  rblt/re# -62=63  Evans DF2 loaders (no diagram)
  60328-60329  rblt/re# -62=63  Spartan loaders (no diagram)
  60330        rblt/re# -62=63  Spartan Easy loaders (no diagram)

With the renumberings, came the installation of load restraining belt rail equipment 
which may have restricted the door openings.  This is noted, as the ORER's for the 1960's 
show an 8' door opening, but in the mid 1970's, coincident with the removal of the loaders, 
the ORER's show the original 15' door openings.  However, it may just be a goof.  Plenty 
of those in the ORER's.

Abacus Model Works offers a kit for this car here.

Sunshine also offers a kit for this car here as well as several other groups of D&RGW box cars.

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