DRGW 60900-60999

	DRGW 60900-60999	

These 50'-1" insulated box cars were built by GATC in 4/1965 and featured welded construction, R4/4 (rectangular rib + 3 tapered ribs over 4 tapered ribs) ends, 10' Youngstown plug doors, cushion underframes and 4370 ft3 capacity.

These cars can be modeled with the Moloco GA 50' RBL sill type 2 car. A ready to run model is offered as well as an undecorated kit.


Photo by: John Rus



DRGW 60903

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; summer 1997

DRGW 60903

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 04/11/1998

DRGW 60939

John Rus

Denver, CO; 03/29/1992

DRGW 60962

Jim Eager; Moloco Collection

Salida, CO; 1990

DRGW 60963

Brian Ehni


DRGW 60963

Brian Ehni


DRGW 60967

Moloco Model

part # 12002

DRGW 60976

Dan Holbrook; Moloco Collection

Bensenville, IL; 1/1984

DRGW 60977

Clyde King

Roseville, CA; 8/1985

DRGW 60989

Jeff Guidry


DRGW 60991

Moloco Collection

San Luis Obispo, CA; 5/1987


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