D&RGW 60715-60814

	D&RGW 60715-60814	

These 50'-1" insulated box cars were built by PC&F in 7-8/1962 and featured rivited construction, R4/4 (rectangular rib + 3 tapered ribs over 4 tapered ribs) ends, 9' Youngstown plug doors, Waugh cushion travel center sill and 4573 ft3 capacity.


Photo by: Clyde King



D&RGW 60744

Clyde King

Roseville, CA; 04/1974

D&RGW 60774

Michael Palmieri

New Orleans, LA; 10/27/1978

D&RGW 60793

Craig Walker

Salt Lake City, UT; 06/27/1982

D&RGW 60814

Brian Rutherford

Niles, CA; ca. 1978


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