DRGW 22000-22199

	DRGW 22000-22199	

These 53'-6" flat cars were built by Mt. Vernon to the AAR design in 2/1944 and featured 15 stake pockets, riveted construction and 110,000 lb. capacity. Many of these cars would later receive bulkheads for wallboard service and be re-numbered.

Here is some additional info on this group of cars courtesy of John Tudek via the DRGW Yahoo List:

"The first car completed, (on or about Dec. 16, 1943) was painted and numbered 22199. This was to be the "Pattern" or sample car for the series and per contract specifications, was to remain at Mt. Vernon until the order was completed. However for reasons not made clear, it was placed in service directly from Mt. Vernon, along with the 22000 through 22002 on January 12, 1944. (more than likely because of the war and the necessity to move war material quickly)"

"The final cars, 22196 through 22198, were completed and released for service on Feb. 26, 1943."

"Some of the first cars when completed, moved to St. Louis where they were loaded with said military cargo and shipped directly to the West Coast, while others were loaded at Granite City. It was at this point in time that a design error was discovered and corrected on cars 22025 - 22198. The cars as designed and built, had two stake pockets on the inside of each end sill, which of course, allowed stakes to be added as needed. It was discovered that when a stake was placed in the left pocket on the "B" end of the car, it interfered with the handbrake. No stake... no problem. Corrections were quickly implemented and orders sent out to correct the problem on the 26 cars which had already been released. (22199 and 22000 - 22024) The 22015 was the last car to be modified on April 17, 1946."

Thanks, John!

Photo from: Mt. Vernon builder's photo

DRGW 22199

Mt. Vernon builder's photo


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