DRGW 18325-18349

	DRGW 18325-18349	

These 2003 ft3 2-bay covered hopper cars were built by PS (lot 8331D) as PS-2's in 12/1956 and featured eight round roof hatches.

Photo from: Jim Kinkaid Collection


DRGW 18325

Jim Kinkaid Collection

PS builder's photo  


Kadee has released a RTR model of a 2-bay PS-2 covered hopper car painted and detailed for various members of this group. See below:

D&RGW 18325

Kadee Model

Part #8636

D&RGW 18328

Kadee Model

Part #8637

D&RGW 18332

Kadee Model

Part #8639

D&RGW 18338

Kadee Model

Part #8640

D&RGW 18341

Kadee Model

Part #8649

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