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The United States Military and the railroads have a very connected relationship and have for many years. The Civil War saw the United States and Confederate militaries utilize railroads heavily and the railroads had only been around for about thirty years prior. Troops, equipment and supplies have all been moved by rail in every military action since.

The puprose of this page is to attempt to document rail freight equipment of the US military as much as possible. Most of the miliatry owned freight equipment is lettered DODX now, but in prior years the marks USAX (Army,) USNX (Navy,) DAFX (Air Force) and others were used as well. By the October 1975 ORER, DODX was the only reporting mark listed. In years prior to that, cars that were built with other reporting marks were remarked over time to DODX, but the listing list the series with entries marked USAX or DODX, so there is no telling how many of which mark was present over time.


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