How Well Do You Know Lee A. Gautreaux?

Since the quiz function on Facebook really stinks and only allows 25 questions per quiz, I decided to do my own quiz here on my website:

1)  	How many siblings does Lee have?

a)  	3
b)  	2
c)  	1
d)  	0 

2)  	What is Lee's middle name?

a)  	Lavender
b)  	Simone
c)  	Ferdinand
d)  	Anthony 

3)  	From which university did Lee get his undergraduate degree?

a)  	M.I.T.
b)  	Cal Tech
c)  	Blinn College
d)  	U.S.L.

4)  	From which high school did Lee graduate?

a)  	Vanderbilt High School
b)  	Clifton L. Ganus High School
c)  	Southdown Elementry
d)  	South Terrebonne High School

5)  	What is Lee's father's name?

a)  	Mortimer
b)  	Sanjay
c)  	Dax
d)  	Wilton 

6)  	What is Lee's mother's name?

a)  	Ingred
b)  	Yolanda
c)  	Gretta
d)  	Bonnie 

7)  	In which month was Lee born?

a)  	March
b)  	January
c)  	Febtober
d)  	September 

8)  	What is Lee's favorite Mexican restaurant?

a)  	China Palace
b)  	Osaka
c)  	Golden Dragon
d)  	La Casa del Sol 

9)  	In what field did Lee receive his undergraduate degree?

a)  	Journalism
b)  	Philosophy
c)  	Bridge Tending
d)  	Mechanical Engineering 

10)  	What is Lee's favorite color?

a)  	mauve 
b)  	tope
c)  	courdoroy
d)  	green 

11)  	Which of the following are names of Lee's children?

a)  	Tessa
b)  	Justin
c)  	Joshua
d)  	All of the above 

12)  	What is Lee's wife's name?

a)  	Fionna
b)  	Brianna
c)  	Hermione
d)  	Courtney 

13)  	What is the name of Lee's current employer?

a)  	Super Cuts
b)  	Planned Parenthood
c)  	Papa John's Pizza
d)  	AT&T 

14)  	What is Lee's favorite vegetable?

a)  	pears
b)  	liver
c)  	Stephen Hawking
d)  	carrots 

15)  	What did Lee name his bicycle when he was 13 years old?

a)  	Fuzz Pucket
b)  	The Whole Enchilada
c)  	Homo Erectus
d)  	Trigger 

16)  	What is Lee's favorite band?

a)  	Kajagoogoo
b)  	UB40
c)  	The Dixie Chicks
d)  	KISS 

17)  	Who is Lee's favorite president?

a)  	Bill Clinton
b)  	Jimmy Carter
c)  	Grover Cleveland
d)  	Donald J. Trump 

18)  	What is Lee's pet's name?

a)  	Fideaux
b)  	Cerebrus
c)  	Stains
d)  	Bunnie Pecan 

19)  	What is Lee's favorite muscle car?

a)  	Ford Focus
b)  	Chevy Volt
c)  	Toyota Prius
d)  	1969 Plymouth Road Runner with 383 Magnum engine

20)  	What kind of vehicle does Lee currently drive?

a)  	Ferrari 308
b)  	Porche 928
c)  	Harley Davidson Soft Tail
d)  	Toyota Corolla 

21)  	What is Lee's religion?

a)  	Hindu
b)  	Buddist
c)  	Boron
d)  	Christian (with Catholic baggage) 

22)  	In which city does Lee currently reside?

a)  	Helsinki, Finland
b)  	Truth or Consequences, NM
c)  	East Canadaville, VT
d)  	Houma, LA 

23)  	Which of the following people does Lee consider an absolute idiot?

a)  	Al Gore
b)  	Barrack Obama
c)  	Hilary Clinton
d)  	All of the above 

24)  	If you were to walk into Lee's house without knocking, what would you see?

a)  	Lee playing the Wii
b)  	Lee knitting a scarf
c)  	Lee watching The View
d)  	more of Lee than you probably wanted to..... 

25)  	How many pairs of shoes does Lee own?

a)  	4196
b)  	51345
c)  	711992
d)  	3  

26)  	What is Lee's smoking preference?

a)  	Yes, three pack a day habit
b)  	Occasionally, when stressed
c)  	Skoal Bandit!

27)  	What is Lee's favorite railroad?

a)  	Norfolk & Western
b)  	New York & New Haven
c)  	Southern Pacific 
d)  	Abercrombie & Fitch

28)  	What is Lee's nickname?

a)  	Bonzo
b)  	Bono
c)  	Bozo
d)  	The RailGoat 

29)  	Which of the following people does Lee consider very intellegent?

a)  	Rush Limbaugh
b)  	Albert Einstein
c)  	Lee A. Gautreaux
d)  	All of the above 

30)  	Does Lee like to eat liver?

a)  	No
b)  	NO WAY!
c)  	NO WAY, JOSE!
d)  	All of the above 

31)  	What is Lee's favorite movie?

a)  	Ishtar
b)  	Dune
c)  	Fahrenheit 911
d)  	Smokey and the Bandit 

32)  	Where does Lee vacation every summer?

a)  	Bolivia
b)  	Moscow
c)  	the planet Tatooine
d)  	Orange Beach, AL 

33)  	What is Lee's sense of humor like?

a)  	None, does not joke
b)  	Occasional pun
c)  	Very serious all the time
d)  	Dry as the Sahara Desert! 

34)  	What is Lee's favorite holiday?

a)  	Arbor Day
b)  	Kwanza
c)  	Al Gore's birthday
d)  	Independance Day 

35)  	Which of the following television shows does Lee like?

a)  	Big Bang Theory
b)  	That Metal Show
c)  	Spongebob Squarepants
d)  	All of the above 

36)  	Which of the following video games does Lee like to play?

a)  	Galaga
b)  	Space Invaders
c)  	Microsoft Train Simulator
d)  	All of the above 

37)  	Which of the following organizations has Lee been kicked out of?

a)  	Daughters of the Conferderacy
b)  	AFofL/CIO
c)  	Al Gore Fan Club
d)  	National Honor Society 

38)  	Which of the following countries has Lee been to?

a)  	Mexico
b)  	Trinidad and Tobago
c)  	United States
d)  	All of the above 

39)  	Which of the following states has Lee NEVER been to?

a)  	Lousiana
b)  	Alabama
c)  	Texas
d)  	New Hampshire 

40)  	Which of the following books has Lee NOT read?

a)  	The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
b)  	Twelve Years a Slave
c)  	Go, Dog, Go!
d)  	None of the above 

41)  	In which church was Lee married?

a)  	St. Louis Cathedral
b)  	Osyka Primative Baptist Church
c)  	St. Peter's Basilica
d)  	Holy Rosary 

42)  	What is Lee's favorite fruit?

a)  	cabbage
b)  	liver
c)  	Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
d)  	pears 

43)  	Which language does Lee primarily speak?

b)  	Farsi
c)  	Klingon
d)  	English 

44)  	What color are Lee's eyes?

a)  	purple
b)  	orange
c)  	mauve
d)  	brown 

45)  	Where was Lee's 40th birthday party held?

a)  	Vatican City
b)  	Amsterdam
c)  	The Moon
d)  	Austin, TX 

46)  	How many times has Lee been arrested for DUI?

a)  	2
b)  	637
c)  	1066
d)  	0 

47)  	Who is Lee's LEAST favorite Beatle?

a)  	Stu Sutcliffe
b)  	Pete Best
c)  	Chas Newby
d)  	John Lennon 

48)  	What would Lee rather do than fly in an airplane?

a)  	get a root canal
b)  	fight with a pitt bull
c)  	chew off his own foot
d)  	All of the above 

49)  	How long did Lee wear braces?

a)  	9.1 milliseconds
b)  	13789 years
c)  	4 minutes
d)  	5 years 

50)  	Which of the following is Lee's favorite Stooge?

a)  	Mo
b)  	Larry
c)  	Al Gore
d)  	Curly 

51)  	Which of the following has Lee operated?

a)  	Crawler crane
b)  	Bulldozer
c)  	Diesel-electric locomotive
d)  	All of the above 

52)  	How many people named Vina does Lee know?

a)  	1111
b)  	11111111
c)  	11111111111111
d)  	1 

53)  	How many digits does Lee's Social Security Number have?

a)  	207
b)  	2
c)  	98.6
d)  	9 

54)  	Which of the following words best describes Lee?

a)  	obtuse
b)  	strange
c)  	different
d)  	All of the above 

55)  	Which of the following has Lee worn in public?

a)  	Tabasco tie
b)  	tight green gym shorts
c)  	parachute pants
d)  	All of the above 

56)  	What does Lee collect?

a)  	Matchbox cars (1960's era)
b)  	model trains (HO scale)
c)  	strange looks from most people
d)  	All of the above 

57)  	What is Lee's favorite bridge?

a)  	London Bridge
b)  	Brooklyn Bridge
c)  	Holland Tunnel
d)  	Huey P. Long Bridge 

58)  	How many testicles does Lee have?

a)  	39
b)  	807
c)  	6.02x10^23+1
d)  	2 

59)  	Who was the best man at Lee's wedding?

a)  	Irving Azoff
b)  	Pope Pius LXIX
c)  	Glen Campbell
d)  	Bill Klope 

60)  	Which sports has Lee played professionally?

a)  	Ice Hockey
b)  	Australian Rules Football
c)  	Full Contact Shuffleboard
d)  	None of the above

61)  	In which Olympic event does Lee hold a bronze medal?

a)  	javelin
b)  	couples figure skating
c)  	the luge
d)  	None of the above 

62)  	Which of the following inventions does Lee hold a US patent for?

a)  	light bulb
b)  	the wheel
c)  	tampon
d)  	None of the above 

63)  	Which of the following phrases can Lee not stand?

a)  	speaker Polosi
b)  	carbon footprint
c)  	an historic
d)  	All of the above 

64)  	How tall is Lee?

a)  	11.2 cm
b)  	15' 3-1/8"
c)  	402,915 nautical miles
d)  	6 ft 

65)  	Why does Lee no longer get the Times Picayune delivered to his home?

a)  	too few articles on Herve' Villechaize
b)  	obvious conservative bias
c)  	he can't read
d)  	his bird died 

66)  	In which year did Lee graduate high school?

a)  	2112
b)  	1066
c)  	he did not graduate
d)  	1984 

67)  	Of which of the following carnival krewes is Lee a member?

a)  	Houmas
b)  	Aphrodite
c)  	Chlamydia
d)  	None of the above 

68)  	At which hospital was Lee born?

a)  	The Mayo Clinic
b)  	The Mustard Clinic
c)  	The Ketchup Clinic
d)  	Terrebonne General 

69)  	Where was Lee when he heard that the space shuttle Challenger blew up?

a)  	Getting a Brazillian wax
b)  	Hilary Clinton's birthday party
c)  	Receiving Nobel Piece Prize
d)  	Physics class 

70)  	Which fast food restaurant will Lee NOT eat at?

a)  	In-N-Out Burger
b)  	Backyard Burger
c)  	Carl's Jr.
d)  	McDonald's 

71)  	Which of the following words does Lee know the meaning of?

a)  	googolplex
b)  	smsku
c)  	felch
d)  	All of the above 

72)  	On which television show has Lee appeared?

a)  	Meet the Press
b)  	America's Funniest Dismemberments
c)  	Days of Our Lives (season 12, episode 4; pizza delivery boy)
d)  	Varsity Quiz Bowl 

73)  	What is the name of Lee's band?

a)  	The Dingleberries
b)  	The East Canadaville All Star Show Band
c)  	Felonious Punk
d)  	JJGotrox 

74)  	How many kidneys does Lee have?

a)  	5
b)  	17
c)  	0
d)  	2 

75)  	What color is Lee's hair?

a)  	mauve
b)  	strawberry blonde
c)  	clear 
d)  	black 

76)  	What is Lee's favorite home appliance?

a)  	bone saw
b)  	crow bar
c)  	speculum
d)  	waffle iron 

77)  	What is Lee's favorite power tool?

a)  	Phillips head screw driver
b)  	7/16" box end wrench
c)  	vice grip pliers
d)  	radial arm saw

78)  	How many times has Lee been elected governor of the state of North Dakota?

a)  	2
b)  	19
c)  	49919
d)  	0 

79)  	Which of the following does Lee consider vastly more qualified to run 
        the United States of America than Barrack 0bama?

a)  	Spongebob Squarepants
b)  	fifty-seven metric tons of cow manure
c)  	a used tampon
d)  	Any of the above 

80)  	Which of the following is Lee's favorite day of the week?

a)  	February
b)  	November
c)  	yesterday
d)  	Tuesday 

81)  	Which of the following is Lee's favorite punctuation mark?

a)  	4
b)  	w
c)  	M
d)  	( 

82)  	At which of the following restaurants has Lee overeaten this year?

a)  	2Amigo's
b)  	Ryan's
c)  	Cracker Barrel
d)  	All of the above 

83)  	What did Lee sell when he worked at Dillard's?

a)  	lingerie
b)  	better dresses
c)  	Beanie Babies
d)  	electronics 

84)  	What is Lee's favorite Cajun surname?

a)  	Smith
b)  	Pelosi
c)  	Squarepants
d)  	Gautreaux 

85)  	What did Lee name his Reliant K-Car?

a)  	the cheeze wagon
b)  	the new popemobile
c)  	the death trap
d)  	Gorby 

86)  	Which of the following has Lee shot?

a)  	grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis)
b)  	African elephant (Loxodonta africana)
c)  	bull moose (Alces alces)
d)  	Coke can (Cannus Cocacolus)

87)  	Which of the following news networks does Lee trust?

a)  	NBC
b)  	CNN
c)  	CBS
d)  	FOX 

88)  	Who does Lee consider the most beautiful woman who has ever lived?

a)  	Farrah Fawcett
b)  	Marylin Monroe
c)  	Cindy Crawford
d)  	Courtney Gautreaux 

89)  	How many times has Lee played golf with the Pope in the last 6 months?

a)  	3
b)  	2
c)  	1
d)  	0 

90)  	What is the possibility that Lee will ever adopt another child?

a)  	likely
b)  	considering
c)  	it could happen
d)  	None of the above 

91)  	What is Lee's favorite Flintstone's Chewable Vitamin?

a)  	Spongebob
b)  	Hagrid
c)  	Cher
d)  	Fred 

92)  	With which company did Lee unseccessfully interview for a job in late 1991?

a)  	Ringling Brothers
b)  	MSNBC
c)  	McDonald's
d)  	Babcock and Wilcox 

93)  	What does Lee like to sprinkle over his spaghetti?

a)  	pure cane sugar
b)  	mayonaise
c)  	finely ground asbestos
d)  	parmesan cheese 

94)  	Lee got into trouble in high scool for attending a concert by which band?

a)  	Iron Maiden
b)  	KISS
c)  	AC/DC
d)  	The Beach Boys 

95)  	Which of the following does Lee have a tatoo of on his back?

a)  	phone number of local Papa John's Pizza
b)  	a naked lady
c)  	a naked man
d)  	None of the above 

96)  	Which Rocky movie is Lee's favorite?

a)  	19
b)  	239
c)  	98462
d)  	1 

97)  	Which of the following publications does Lee consider to be a more trustworthy 
        news outlet than the NY Times?

a)  	Mad Magazine
b)  	Hustler
c)  	Sears Catalog
d)  	Any of the above 

98)  	What did Lee have in his backyard for over ten years?

a)  	a 4 kiloton nuclear warhead
b)  	The Mona Lisa
c)  	a 50' tall marble statue of himself
d)  	a train 

99)  	Which of the following does Lee NOT like to put on ice cream?

a)  	hot fudge
b)  	whipped cream
c)  	marachino cherries
d)  	cigarette butts 

100)  	What is Lee's favorite antibiotic?

a)  	ringer's lactate
b)  	epinephrine
c)  	ethylene glycol
d)  	amoxycillin 

Don't worry about scoring. Everyone gets a virtual participation trophy!


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