Cedar Bayou Branch

The Cedar Bayou Branch was similar to the Salt Mine Branch in Louisiana in that it was a branch off of a branch. The actual beginning of the branch was at Eldon Jct. at MP xx.x of the Baytown Branch, or just south of its crossing under I-10. The tracks headed east and crossed over state hwy. 146 on a beautiful deck bridge. The tracks then turned south and headed toward the US Steel plant east of Baytown. At some point, SP ownership ended and private ownership of the tracks began. This was just past MP 5. Documents that I have state that the branch was built by the T&NO in 1957.

I'm not sure just how this line was operated, but I suspect that it was a fairly simple out and back run, interchanging with the US Steel in-plant switcher. What I would like to know is why the secondary access was in place running from the US Steel plant to downtown Baytown. From maps that I have, this area is quite congested. I've never been to the US Steel plant, but I would suspect that they would be mighty suspicious of anyone near there with a camera, so be VERY careful if you decide to do any field research of your own, as I found out the hard way at the Exxon-Mobil refinery in Baytown. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated if you know anything about the operation of this branch.


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