Lake Arthur Branch

The Lake Arthur branch was built from its connection with the main line just east of Lake Charles yard at Mallard Jct. to Lake Arthur (34.4 miles) by Louisiana Western RR in 1903. It ran to the southeast from Mallard Jct. just east of the military base in Lake Charles crossing the Missouri Pacific branch from Kinder to Lake Charles at Harbor. It continued on to Holmwood where it turned east and served the fish meal plant of the Louisiana Menhaden Co. The branch continued on through Bell City, Hayes, Niblett, Thornwell and finally, its namesake city, Lake Arthur serving the southwest Louisiana rice industry at several rice dryers/silos. The branch was embargoed 8/1/1980 and the segment from Harbor to Lake Arthur (29.1 miles) was abandoned in 1983. The segment from Mallard Jct. to Harbor is still in use by Union Pacific serving a few local industries and providing access to the xxxxxx serving the Port of Lake Charles.


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