D&RGW SD40T-2 page

This page is dedicated to D&RGW's iconic fleet of SD40T-2 locomotives. The D&RGW was the original owner of 73 SD40T-2 units delivered in several groups from 1974 to 1980. The D&RGW along with the SP/SSW were the only roads to originally purchase this model from EMD.


BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Scale Trains announces Rivet Counter versions of both regular nose and snoot versions in road number specific offerings. See this link for more information.


Original orders:


Orig. road numbers frame no. serial no. build date
D&RGW 5341-5355 74636-1 thru 74636-15   10-11/1974
D&RGW 5356-5373 756046-1 thru 756046-18   7-8/1975
D&RGW 5374-5385 766050-1 thru 766050-12   1/1977
D&RGW 5386-5397 776098-1 thru 776098-12   8/1978
D&RGW 5398-5413 786264-1 thru 786264-16   3/1980


Speed Lettered units


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