AC&F Freight Cars


This page will be dedicated to freight cars built by American Car & Foundry. At this time I am choosing to focus on only covered hopper cars, but as I see a need, I may expand this page to include other types of cars.



American Car & Foundry built its first experimental covered hopper in 1911 (Anheuser Busch ABBA 1000) and began mass production of covered hoppers in the late 1930's, but it introduced a design refinement to the covered hopper in 1961 for which it would forever be associated, the Center Flow design.


Pre-Center Flow:

2-Bay Pre-Center Flow 3-Bay Pre-Center Flow 4-Bay Center Flow


Standard-Cube (Cylindrical) Center Flow:

2-Bay Standard-Cube Center Flow 3-Bay Standard-Cube Center Flow 4-Bay Standard-Cube Center Flow


High-Cube (Teardrop) Center Flow:

2-Bay High-Cube Center Flow 3-Bay High-Cube Center Flow 4-Bay High-Cube Center Flow


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